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Meet Little Man aka Fuzz Lightyear

The Maine Coon Mix
Crystal Corbett Belgrade, Maine

This is Little Man (also known as Fuzz Lightyear) at 6 months old. He is a kitten that was very ill that I fostered for the Humane Society starting at 8 weeks old and I just couldn't give him up! He's still got his chronic sinus problems (he's 9 months old now) but it doesn't effect his cuteness! He is a cuddler and on the day this picture was taken he decided to cuddle up to a stuffed animal instead of his Mom!

9 months
Fuzz Lightyear, Purrcy, Fuzzy Man
Socks, Playing with his sisters, Hair Elastics, & Cuddling
The Vacuum!
Favorite Foods
Anything from a can!
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping in the sun or on the dog, stealing the paper towel roll from the counter, chewing on my sisters.

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