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Meet Heidi Sanchez

The Tabby
Daniel Sanchez San Antonio, TX

We live on the second floor of an apartment community and Heidi found her way to our patio somehow to meet our previous rescue, Cappy. She found a way to jump from the roof on to our patio. Wow! It was December 2014 when she began appearing on our patio and the first week of January 2015 we invited her into our home. She was 7 months old, mal nourished, and had an eye infection. Now, her eye is better, she gets along with Cappy, we are blessed to have her in our home. 

Fatty McFatterson, Baby Girl, Princess
Scratch posts, Eating all of her food and then eating the rest of Cappy's food, sleeping on Daddy's chest, being scratched on the neck
Eye compressions, being hunted by Cappy
Favorite Foods
Blue Buffalo
Favorite Pastimes

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