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Meet I-Lean "Little Baby"

Tyler and Stephanie Fort Myers
This little baby has 3 legs, hence her name I-Lean. She has the most amazing personality, and is faster than any cat with 4 legs. She is a very vocal kitty who loves to be held. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out in the bathtub, and stealing her mom's hair ties!
2 years
Little Baby,Baby,Muffin.
Attention, being held, hair ties, bathtubs, window watching, playing with siblings Petey the cat and Paxton the dog.
When her parents give attention to Petey and Paxton. She has to be the center of attention.
Favorite Foods
Anything and everything. I-Lean isn't picky.
Favorite Pastimes
Lounging in the bathtub, cuddling, eating.

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