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Meet Mister

The Black American shorthair
Jeffrey and Tanya Deterlizzi Westfield,MA

Mister is a very smart,loving caring,adventurous, adorable cat. He is our best friend! He can open our door to let himself in and out, he sits at the the dinner table in a chair and will eat dinner with us, he takes car rides with us and loves them! Morning to night he prefers to be outside but will come in for lunch and some fresh water and go right back out. He's most definitely an outdoor cat but at night comes in and sleeps in our queen size bed. He is our little king.

7 years
Mister cat,Cat,Mister E( Mister Einstein)
Outdoors,hunting,climbing,cuddling with Jeff,eating,and sleeping on our bed.
Being pet tail to head, hyper dogs, fake mice and baths!
Favorite Foods
Whiskas,fresh caught mice, Whiskas tuna flavored treats,Whiskas purrefectly fish.
Favorite Pastimes
Going outside, car rides, tree climbing, sitting on the deck sun bathing,hunting for mice, playing with Jeff. H

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