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Meet luci

The longhair
david mccollum/krystina mccollum
A 3 year old girl, mixed Maine coon that had lived most of her life in a shelter and has recently been adopted into her furever family. Luci is a diva that really enjoys catnip, playing with oven mits, and gazing down off the porch to look upon the peasants. Although she prefers to drink toilet water, she uses her fresh bowl of water to dunk her paws in after she does her business. Such a lady. She spends most of her day relaxing on the floor with her tummy up, or curled up at mom and dads feet.
lulu, lucita, lulululululu, luci-fur
toilet water, oven mits
belly rubs :(
Favorite Foods
a taste of the meat from mom and dads dinner
Favorite Pastimes
catching bugs, sunbathing on the porch, napping with mom

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