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Meet Bandit

The Snowshoe
Judy McFadden Andover, MA

While volunteering at a local animal shelter one Sunday morning 13 years ago, I saw Bandit - big, blue eyes and Siamese markings.  I had Siamese cats before, but he was different.  I had never heard of a Snowshoe, but now I know everything!  He walks on a leash, knows his name, loves people (but so fond of his sister), bats balls with his front paws with extra toes, follows me everywhere,  and is the best companion ever!

snowballs, walks in the hallway, dogs,
his sister, vet visits, being alone
Favorite Foods
Royal Canin dry food and chicken with gravy wet food
Favorite Pastimes
Exploring a common condo hallway in the chance he'll meet someone new.

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