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Meet Misu

The domestic cat extra original
Pirkko Ryyppö Raahe, Finland

I went to make the bed and look what I found inside the duvet cover :) In september 2007 I was visiting my mothers old home and I saw this abandonet cat, that my uncle had talked about, walking away from the house. I went to the stairs and called her and she came running into my life. 

about 10
Misuliini, Misukka, Nöpönenä (Dinkynose), Hassutassu (Funnybaw),Rontti (Scoundrel) and so on...
Snugling, hed bumbs, long naps inside the duvet cover, watching the fire place, summer time at the cottage, sun and mom ;)
Hoover!!!!! And car rides.
Favorite Foods
Anything else but what I´m having in my bowl.
Favorite Pastimes
Napping, running wildly around the house at small hours when others try to sleep and showing to toys who is who in the house. And making biscuits.

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