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Meet Archie

The Bengal mix
Samantha Hegre Washington, DC

Archie is a tortured genius. He once opened up my fuse box and shut off power to my kitchen, but can't figure out which end goes in the little box and which end goes out. He enjoys long walks on his leash, jumping into the bath with me (ow), and listening to cello music. Meeting people inside the apartment is fun, and being outside is fun, but meeting people outside is the stuff of nightmares. He feels unappreciated so you should pick him.

water, leash walks, laser pointers, the cello, vomiting on the only area rug in the entire house
Meeting people outside, having his claws clipped, other cats' apathy about feline rights causes in developing nations.
Favorite Foods
Whatever. His tastes are simple.
Favorite Pastimes
Quantum physics, vomiting, blocking the TV.

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