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Meet Merle

The American Short Hair
Hailee MacQueen Fredricton

Merle is a cat who loves everyone! (As long as you bring him food) He enjoys saying his own name, instead of "meow" it sounds like "Merle" He can open closet doors with his head and he also loves his new toy, a laser light. It makes him go crazy, and after you put the toy down, he will coninue to look for it!

Fatty and we call him kitten sometimes.
Laser toys, laying in the sun and bringing us home "presents"
Other cats and having no food left in his bowl.
Favorite Foods
"Temptaitions" treats, cheese and hamburger.
Favorite Pastimes
Laying in his many spots in the house, the window sill, "Merle's chair" and one of the stools we have.

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