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Meet (Silly) Nadal

The Tabicalico
Coco Santa Fe, NM

Nadal adopted Bill and I last winter when we noticed her watching us like the Cheshire Cat from our roof, aside from her green eyes, she blends into any background. I discovered Nadal is a barn kitten meant for Kiara, a 14 year old up the hill. She bolted out of a farmer's arms and made her way to us. Nadal has a "Corner On The Cute Market" : ) Nadal's name means means Christmas in Portuguese and Catalan.





Eating Spiders & Bugs, Following Coco Around The House
The Voice And The Talk On Television (too much clapping and cheering)
Favorite Foods
Smoked Salmon & Half N' Half
Favorite Pastimes
Smiling, Listening to Rafael Nadal's Tennis Matches Where They Say Her Name Over & Over Again, Playing Hockey With Toys On The Tile Floor

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