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Meet Cosmo

Linda Barnett Lexington

Cosmo is very special.He was abused b4 I rescued him,he is slow when it comes 2 learning or playing.He is very lovable as long as he has love n food he is fully content.He has been starved b4 I got him and now he still eats like its his last meal,it breaks my heart that someone done him like this because he is a good cat,he just has mental issues.I love him with all of my heart and if any cat deserves to be the cat of the week it would be him because he has been thru so much in his life

mo mo, kitty kitty mo meow meow, kitty kitty meow, cosymo mo
Food, sleeping, playing, bathing the other kitties, sleeping in the bed and making biscuits.
Don't like to be woke up,don't like to share my lap with the other kitties.
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast dry/wet. Chicken, tuna, salmon, ocean whitefish
Favorite Pastimes
Watching TV, playing, eating and sleeping in the bed.

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