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Meet Pebbles

The Maine Coon
Linda Barnett Lexington

This is Pebbles. She is almost 3 years old,she is a Maine Coon and very lovable,she is my bed buddy.She is also a rescue,when I adopted her or should I say she adopted me because she leaped in to my arms when I opened the cage.She is a one of a kind kitty,she is very loved and she also has 3 more resues to play with.She loves each and everyone of them.She is spoiled rotten by me of course.

35 months old
PP, peeble, P kitty, peepy toes, peebler, peep n toads.
Food, sleeping, playing, bathing the other kitties, sleeping in the bed and making biscuits.
Don't like to be woke up, don't like to share her food, don't like to share my lap with the other kitties.
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast dry/wet. Chicken, tuna, salmon, ocean whitefish
Favorite Pastimes
Watching TV, playing, eating and sleeping in the bed.

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