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Meet Kitty

The Abyssinian
Audrey Houston, Texas
Hello, my name is Kitty. I live with my human mom, human sister, and human grandma. I love to cuddle, I can cuddle and purr all day. My grandma makes me happy when she spoils me with hugs, kisses, and snacks. I love love love to scratch. I scratch every thing, but mom gets mad when I scratch the new furniture, since I ruined the last set! ;) I like to explore, sometimes my sister has to look for me. I like to look out the window and see the birds fly. I'm a very happy Kitty. :)
4 yrs, 8months.
I love to cuddle, hugs, kisses, and eating lots of snacks. I also love scratching everything, sometimes mom gets mad.
Loud people.
Favorite Foods
Purina dry food, and loves fancy feast gravy lovers wet food.
Favorite Pastimes
Cuddling, exploring around the house and attention.

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