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Meet Peaches

The Snowshoe
Linda Barnett Lexingon, Ky

My name is Peaches I'm 10 months old. I love to play, eat,sleep and be loved o, I guess you could say I'm the baby of the house I got very sick when I was 10 weeks old and I died but my Vet brung me back to life I was sick for several weeks but now I am doing good I would love to have your vote it would mean a lot to me because my family is disabled and they need help with me sometimes but they always show me love. Just look at my pretty face now who can resist giving me a vote?

10 months
Pincher, peacher, ms peach and baby girl.
Playing, eating, sleeping, snuggling, getting under the covers, getting treats, watching TV and most of all showing love to my family.
Dr visits, shots, baths, getting in trouble, seeing another kitty in my master's lap and not getting my way right then.
Favorite Foods
I love all food. I'm not at all picky but if I had to choose just one it would have to be Ocean Whitefish.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing and running up and down stairs with my litter mates.

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