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Meet Missy

The Tabby
Jen Hicksville

This beautiful chubby girl is amazing. She's a great best friend; always there for you when you need some love. You'll always have her around and she'll be either adorable or weird, whichever she feels like.  Miss enjoys waiting for you in the bathroom while you shower, having welcome-home conversations, sleeping beside you (close to your face...) any time of the day, being pet while relaxing, and soaking up the sun. 

Miss, Baby, Fatty, Fatso, Baby Girl
cuddling, sunlight, petting ears and neck, french fries (occasionally a bite), ball toys, catnip, sitting on a closed toilet,
our dog Jack, loud people, loud noises, having stomach scratched, being moved while comfortable
Favorite Foods
Any dry food, french fry bits,
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, eating. meowing, head-butting, chasing floating dust

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