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Meet Mister Wilson

The Tabby cat

Mister Wilson loves to be naughty. He is also refered to as, naughty pirate,  due to his war wound of a cat brawl that left him with a pierced ear. He's a interesting fellow, as a kitten he snuck into the hood by the engine to keep warm. Unknowing he hitch hiked a ride to a family that had no interest in a cat, but they fell in love with his small kitty head. Misters since grown into his small kitty head:). It's his way, or...poop in unwanted areas..he can be such a pirate.

Mister/ naughty / pirate/
Humming birds, soaking up the sun, teasing the humans & pretending I want to go in just to make sure they will open the door.
The vet and the kennel
Favorite Foods
Wet food
Favorite Pastimes
Catching mice, having the humans give me love

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