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Meet Chrissheyba

The Bengal
Kai Wisconsin

She's just throwing out her legs she loves to just relaxs when every she can find the time. Her favorite time is playing under the covers with her daddy after he comes home from work playing in her cat tree stealing my stuffed animals from me driving you crazy always wants to look out the windows she is shy when it comes to taking pictures of my little doll but I have plenty of beautiful pictures of her she is so cool so many colors that are just remarkable she plays with other pets

10 1/2 months
swing on her cat tree cuddles HowlIng playing catch with her toys rubbing her head on my lap stealing my stuffies
Can food sardines soda
Favorite Foods
Raw chicken breast almost everything I eat she has to try it
Favorite Pastimes
Running around playing with her toys kissing everybody's eyeballs licking your hands face

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