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Meet Auro

The Buff Tabby
Veerabhadra Sunnyvale, California

Auro rescued us. He came to us from a high kill shelter, around Valentine's Day in 2014. Just like BC & AD, we have begun to describe our life 'Before Auro' And 'Anno Auro'- the year of our cat.

Who wouldn't want to wake up to his soothing purrs and head butts every morning at 5am! After all.. the early bird catches the worm! He has recently learnt to puncture his treat bags and feast on them while we are away, which explains the drastic weight gain!

1 Year 7 months
Aurovich, Aurobindo, Auro Poirot
unlimited supply of treats, wand toys
laser toy- that nasty little light!
Favorite Foods
meaty bits - beef
Favorite Pastimes
napping, supervising and making sure my humans are serving their purpose in life

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