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Meet Kira

The Shorthair
Tia Sunbury on Thames

A little girl full of life & mischief. Loves her cuddles & being the centre of your world. Cheeky & chatty but overall a very sweet & gorgeous girl who's sense of curiosity and adventure knows no bounds. Never a dull moment around her as she always brings a smile to your face or has you in fits of laughter with her adorable antics.

Kira is a very special part of our life and we love her.

19 months
Baby & Little Pudding
Cuddles, falling asleep on you, ping pong balls, catnip mouse
Hairdryer, hoover, loud noises, being told off, prawn flavoured wet food
Favorite Foods
Felix treats, sliced ham, fish, noodles
Favorite Pastimes
Too many to mention

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