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Meet muffin

The Turkish van
Zanab keli stockton

We got her from a job ,she almost went to the shelter but we weren't able to save her mom,brothers,and sisters but we hope they have a great home.We named her muffin and it suites her very well.A few weeks later we got her we bought muffins .She ate the leftover from my plate also we thought her color looks like toppings and frosting so now she looks like a muffin,her name is muffin,and she eats muffins.We hope you vote for our fancy cat muffin.

5 years old
muffy, puffy,and fluffy.
any thing sweet ,salmon,chicken legs,playing,being pet,purina cat chow,and our laundry basket.
stale food,to MUCH cuddiling,being taken out of her basket,being awaken,and boxes.
Favorite Foods
anything sweet,Purina cat chow,watermelon,salmon,and chicken legs.
Favorite Pastimes
when she stood on her legs.

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