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Meet Zaraki Kenpachi Taicho

Jeltje van der Terp Leeuwarden

Raki is a naughty kitty, always playing with everything.He loves it when I do my nails, apparently he loves the smell, and try's to eat my fingers :P
He also has a strange thing for water, *maybe he can see the future in it, and doesn't like it:P* he always throws his toys in it, or just slaps the water.
The name I use most with him is Monster, because he is :P Positively of course :D
He is a very stressed kitty, so handle with care :P

Raki, Monster, Rakkers, Prakkie, Zwakie, Zaki, Teriyaki, koekje,
Water, destroying things, licking hands after you ate something,
lots of people, loud noises, other cats *Except his brother*
Favorite Foods
Everything :p

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