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Meet Kiba

The Bengal hybrid
Tiffany Fairbanks, Alaska

Kiba is my polk-a-dot buddy that loves being involved in everything I do! He'll even hop in the shower with me! He's a good tempered young gentleman with a pounce for anything that moves.

His mother is a beautiful SBT Bengal and his father is an Asian Leopard Cat, so he's actually a hybrid! Because he's a male hybrid, he was born sterile! So, unfortunately his dashing good looks won't be passed along.

5 months
Kiba-chan, Monster, Kibakitten
Anything that moves, his husky buddy, his dangling octopus toy, swimming.
The squirt bottle filled with water and being alone!
Favorite Foods
Any food that isn't mine! Especially his husky-buddy's food.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with his favorite octopus toy or snuggling with mom.

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