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Meet Miss Mouse

The Mane coon long black fur
Robin Demes Carpentersville,Illinois

Miss Mouse keeps me laughing alot,she jumped on little fridge then fell in 3 ft food bin that I was filling,not much in it but her,she somehow pulled real mouse out of crack in drywall were repairing just to take it upstairs then back down to let it loose in bedroom,never found it,puts her toy mice in food bowl and eats then puts in water bowl to wash up,I wish she would stop rolling in dirt like a dog plus she digs holes big enough for me to twist my ankle,she meows like baby but 18lb?

2 years old
Miss Moose
Playing with toy mice then puts them in food bowl first then in water bowl,I guess to cleanup after dinner.
Having fur mats taken off and nails cut.
Favorite Foods
from her size you would think everything but just tiny pieces of anything but only good food for her.
Favorite Pastimes
Watching water go down the drain,sitting or laying on counter while I make dinner.

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