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Meet Pearl

The Russian Blue
Levi Ollerton Salt Lake City, UT

Pearl is a beautiful 10-year-old rescue cat who was tragically declawed as a kitten. Because of this cruel procedure, Pearl developed extreme anxiety and tends to be overly defensive and stand-offish, making it very difficult to be adopted. She still has a hard time being touched and picked up, but with patience, she's learned what real love is like. She will walk around the counters and following people, and can almost always be found cuddled up on the bed. We love and respect her.

Pearly whirly
Cuddling on beds, kitty treats, talking to people, cat loafing, ear scratches, being pet gently
Her pestering dog housemates, being picked up, being woken up from naps
Favorite Foods
Greenies treats, chicken bits
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, following people

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