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Meet Mylo

The domestic tabi
Maddalena Woodbridge
He sometimes acts like a human as you can see in this picture and he cries like a monkey it's funny
2 years
he is cute, he wakes me up always if I don't wake up to my alarm clock, he is a good cat, he followed me home one day he spotted me walking and of course I took him in,I love his green eyes and in the summer his eyes turn yellow, He loves to stare at me
Only thing is that he doesn't like to be bothered sometimes or picked up
Favorite Foods
he will eat anything from Turkey,to Chicken,to Tuna,to Beef,but he especially loves his treats :)
Favorite Pastimes
When he was a kitten he used to lay on my chest and loved it when I pet his head, last year I bought him a Christmas gift and he knew it was his and he went on top of it and he was ripping the wrap open,it was cute he looked happy he is part of my family♡

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