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Meet Dexter & Daisy

The Tabby
Kimberly Cleave Winnipeg, MB

Dexter and Daisy are brother and sister. Dexter sports the darker stripes while Daisy wears a white scarf that covers her tummy. When they aren't chasing each other around the house and battling it out, they enjoy long naps in the sun. Daisy always figures out a way to snuggle up to her big brother Dexter. These moments are only captured when Dexter's eyes are closed if he catches you witnessing his soft side towards his sister he is gone in a flash.

Dexter 4 & Daisy 1
Dexter - Dex & Daisy - 'Bad Girl'
Naps in the sun (snuggle time) & lots of food
Empty food bowls
Favorite Foods
Tuna Snacks
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing crumpled paper.

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