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Meet Stinky

The manx
Rita Harden Greenville SC

We got Stinky in 2009, just before our other cat named Sugar died. I used to carry Stinky around in the palm of my hand, he loves his meowmy. My husband calls him his little buddy, Stinky even has his own chair in the man-cave. And of course Stinky has his own Facebook page with over 2000 "furiends". He is a very special cat to us because we both are disabled, and he brings us joy and laughter all through the day. <3

Stinky Binky, Little Buddy
tummy rubs, he will bunny kick anyone that touches his tummy, if you keep rubbing it anyways, he will hug your hand/arm and bite
Favorite Foods
canned cat food that has gravy MOL
Favorite Pastimes

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