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Meet Bebe

The Tortoise shell
Helen merrill Vancouver wa
BEBE has the most personality out of all 5 of my cats. She reminds me of a human sometimes lol. She loves to hide under the blankets and other things. BEBE also has a little bit of an attitude. You have to let her pet you because she will let you know if your not prettying her right by clawing you or biting you. She baths all her brother and sisters but not herself.
3 years old
BEBE likes to hide in things especially under the blankets. She will sleep in any box if there is one around
Being petted wrong.
Favorite Foods
Wet friskies and temptation kitty treats
Favorite Pastimes
Bathing her brothers and sisters. Sleeping in my lap. Chasing the red dot and playing with the squirrels

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