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Meet Phoebe

The Just a regular cat, but her tail and face is developing fairly long hair.

She is such a sweetie, adopted her as she played in a street and her neighbors were concerned for her.  She caught a mouse her 2nd week here. She purrs constantly and is so loving.  She isn't even afraid of our dogs, one who is 17 and never liked cats; the other is a wild child 11 mo. old Mini Aussie.

About 8 months
She has no nicknames yet, just Phoebe or Here, kitty, kitty
to cuddle and purr
haven't found any yet
Favorite Foods
Friskies dry but is happy to taste whatever you offer
Favorite Pastimes
playing with the dog's leash that hangs in the garage; will get under couch and tease the dogs by sticking her paw out from under the skirt

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