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Meet Smokey

The Long Hair/ Mixed?
Rose Silverdale WA

This is my cat Smokey.He has vampire fangs and seven toes on each front paw. We adopted him from our local humane society when he was 3 months old. He was very sick and scrawny but my husband and I made him better! He likes to play with bubbles and peoples toes. His favorite people foods are tuna and turkey, but he will eat just about anything. Even red velvet cake.

He doesn't like going to the vet, but when we do go, everyone likes to tell him how handsome he is! 

Smoke, Smoket
bubbles, human toes, foil, strings, hair rubberbands, his providers :)
vacuums, blow dryers, loud noises in general
Favorite Foods
Tuna, turkey, red velvet cake
Favorite Pastimes
nursing him back to health as a kitten, taking naps together, going on adventures outside, blowing bubbles, playing catch with toy mice

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