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Meet Bear

The Tortuous shell
Helen merrillkeller Vancouver washington
Bear is a miracle kitty. We brought her to the vet because she was limp and grey. They wanted $80 dollars to fix her and we didn't have it and sent us home. We had her in a shoe box ready to berry her. My daughter prayed over her and took her out of the box and laid her by her momma and we all went to bed. When we woke up the next morning she was running around playing with all her brothers and sisters. Bear got her name because she has bear claws. She also gets judged because of her eyebrows.
2 and 1/2
Catnip treats, chasing the red dot, rolling around in cat nip and loves to cuddle with her mommy every night
Being held
Favorite Foods
Wet cat food, any temptation kitty treats
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing squirrrels

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