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Meet Tabbytha

The American Short Hair - Orange female Tabby
Adrienne Ohio

Orange Female Tabby

Tabbytha is everything we didn't want in a cat after losing our beloved 14y Cleo. The rescue lied, misled and withheld information about Tabbytha. After 1 month I finally spoke to a human at the rescue.  By this time we were completely smitten with this little character.  Even with her real age, 2 hernia surgeries, short legs, short tail and very round body, she's ours! She's PERFECT! And her  tail still amazes her!

Tab Tabby Tab Tab what's up Buttercup, Buddy, Strawberry, Sis, Sissy
Treats, whining, kisses, cuddling, playing, soft blankets
Chaos, being ignored, tin foil, being alone
Favorite Foods
9 lives chicken with gravy dinner is the only thing she will eat consistantly and most flavors of Tempatations cat treats
Favorite Pastimes
Napping by her toy, sunbathing, whining

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