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Meet Nikolai

The Blue point Mink Ragdoll
Sandra Fayetteville

He sneaked behind me to go inside the refrigerator I was about to close the door, he is a loving and full of energy cat, a year old, he loves to groom everybody even the other cats, he open doors, one day he let my daughter kitties out of her bedroom, she finally caught him opening doors, very smart, he like to nap in high places like the refrigerator or book case, top of my kitchen cabinets.


one year old
naps in high places like kitchen cabinest, top of refrigerator,book cases and love treats
to go to the Vet, or baths
Favorite Foods
turkey, chicken and treats
Favorite Pastimes
Listen to relaxing music,laying besides me at bedtime and grooming others, hide and seek and tag.

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