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Meet Nacho

The Orange Tabby
Courtney San Jose, CA

Hi!  My name is Nacho.  Despite me being 4 months old, I have some serious hobbies.  I love waking my parents up at 4:30 am, with my soft teeth on their cold toes.  I also love sneaking into the fridge when my Mom is putting groceries away.  I havent quite figured out the mechanics of a bubble bath---but I will one day, those bubbles keep eluding me.  The best thing about me: I'm full of love and cuddles.

4 months
Nachito, Nach, Menso
Treats, Bubble Baths (as long as I'm outside of them), Playing with my Sister
Getting blown on, Vacuums, Mom's Hair Dryer, Salmon
Favorite Foods
Tuna, Chicken, Whitefish, Friskies Broths
Favorite Pastimes
Nibbling Toes, Stealing Hair Ties, Using the Litter Box WHILE Mom cleans it

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