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Meet Gus Gus

The Tabby-Manx-Abyssinian
Chef Krissy Kerwin Jackson

Gus Gus is a female. The vet screwed up and said she was a male. She is a handicap rescue cat. Gus knows sign language and has been on the news three times. She's a bit famous in her hometown. She goes for walks on her leash and rides in the car. People around town ask, "how/where is Gus"?, instead of asking how I'm doing. She is a pretty spectacular cat. She's smart and learns new words and commands every day.

1.5 years
Gussy Gus Gus, Gussy Monkey, Baby Gus
Walking on her leash, playing on the playground equipment, snacks, her BFF Lilou, 'presents'
The neighbors cat, Bean. He's the only cat she can't tolerate.
Favorite Foods
Fish flavors, appetizer packs, pulled pork and shredded chicken, she's been known to steal a corn cob
Favorite Pastimes
Showing off, Visiting local pet stores, posting to FB

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