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Meet Payton

The Maine Coon mix
Jamie Rincker Strasburg, IL

Back in 2007,I went to a local Humane Society to find a cat for my apartment.It was here I met a one year old tomcat named Payton. We've been through a lot together,3 apartments,leaving a job,getting married,going back to school,and now being pregnant.His favorite game is playing fetch with a string where you drag it out of the room and he will grab it and take it to either a plastic bag in the floor or his empty food dish. In 2012,he got a little girlfriend we call Bella.  

PePe Le Pu
People, being the center of attention
The sweeper is too loud!!
Favorite Foods
HAM! Although I do not get to eat it much.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing games with string, taking naps, kissing and cuddling Bella, relaxing on the couch with my owners

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