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Meet Punky

Melissa Nutter Parkersburg
My little rescue girl. Had some rough times in her short life (1 1/2). Severe eye infection almost caused surgical removal of the left eye. About 15 vet visits in a 2 month period and several meds several times a day and a miracle happened. Her eye is beautiful and clear. Through it all, she was a trooper. Never fought the meds. The vet and techs loved how incredibly sweet she remained. Still is. Love her so much.
1 1/2
Punk. Punkster.
Her several scratchy things. The chihuahua. My shoe strings and hair clips.
Vacuum cleaner. Being alone.
Favorite Foods
Any Friskies canned seafood flavors. The occasional bite of turkey or chicken.
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds out of our huge second story window. Cat nip time. Sleeping

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