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Meet Delilah

The Bombay Cross

Delilah loves to lounge on her tall cat post and watch the birds across the street. Sometimes she will be able to hear the neighbourhood cats on the ground and will run across the apartment to try and get a peek at them. When it's not too wet outside, we'll put her collar on and have coffee on the balcony while she gets some fresh air and gets a better view of the birds and cats. She likes cuddles, but only when she wants, and that's usually at night.

Birds, fresh air, wind, a fluffy cushion, catnip.
Lawnmowers, children, other things that make loud sounds.
Favorite Foods
ByNature Stews, Primal Raw Food, Acana Pacifica Kibble, Orijen Freeze Dried treats
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds, playing with her knitted catnip toys

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