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Meet Pip

Judy Lynn Arlington VA

Pip is a dilute something - calico, tortie.  She adopted me at the local shelter when she was one. It turned out she was closer to six months. She was very skinny (7.25 lb).  She got lots of love and food and now weighs in at 11 lb. Pip has the most gorgeous green eyes. We are best friends who came together when we needed each other most.  

Baby girl
Pip likes to sleep between my legs. Her next priority is eating - dry food only. Finally she likes to play. Pip has 1 favorite wand toy and a battery op toy with a rod that rotates randomly under a cloth. For simplicity's sake I call it Bob!
Pip dislikes mouse toys, toys with feathers, and most toy balls. Pip doesn't like wet food or catnip.
Favorite Foods
Dehydrated chicken treats (No people food for Pip!)
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping on paper bags. Munching on cat grass. Observing her domain from our tenth floor apartment.

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