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Meet Fiona

The Tuxedo
Jessy Victoria

Fiona is such a special kitty. Her personality shines, and she's so intelligent and sweet - and vindictive too! Her antics warm my heart on a daily basis. 

A year after adopting Fiona we found out she was blind - we had no idea! She maneuvers so well for a blind cat we just didn't notice. Mine you, we had our suspicions when she showed no interest in the laser pointer. 

I just want everyone to know how perfect my cat is, just the way she is!

1.5 years
Babby, Fatcat, Fioner, Mommy's Little Monster
FOOD! Sleep, cuddling, toys she can hear, treats! (She's very good at tricks)
Baths, loud noises, being snuck up on.
Favorite Foods
Food. Pumpkin, oatmeal, salmon, banana peppers, frozen yogurt. Oh and cat food too!
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping and meowing for more food.

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