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Meet Amelia

The Domestic Shorthair
Elizabeth Cleveland, OH

Amelia was rescued from a shelter in February 2012 when she was about a year old. She is a quiet girl who loves to nap in a sunny spot or watch the world go by from her window perch. When she's not napping, she likes to play with her feline sister or carry her large collection of stuffed mice around the house. She also has a stubborn side and can be very demanding when it's meal time!

Pretty Girl, Slinky
catnip, treats, stuffed mice, tummy rubs, walks on her harness
doorbells, the vacuum, the spray bottle, dogs
Favorite Foods
wet food, tuna flakes, cheese, eggs, meatloaf (when she can steal a bite!)
Favorite Pastimes
sneaking out the front door to explore, watching chipmunks from her window perch

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