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Meet Meow Meow

The Sphynx
Aleksandra Wadas Windsor, Ontario

My name is Meow Meow and I might look like a hairless cat, but my human says I am a lot more like a dog and a monkey and a baby in a cat suit. My human is so obsessed with me she even has me tattooed on her arm. She tells me it is because I am the most beautiful and the most intelligent girl in the world. Please vote for me! Thank you humans. 

2 years old
Meow Meow
food,food on my human's plate,massages from my human,treats,warm places, soft blankets,space heaters
birds, bath days, not getting my treats when requested, my human not paying attention to me and me alone!
Favorite Foods
anything and everything
Favorite Pastimes
eating,cuddling with my human,playing,sleeping in warm places,knocking things over,acting like a clown, making sure my human always pays attention to me

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