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Meet Mimi

The SealPoint Ragdoll
Elizabeth Soleimany Glendale

Mimi is a very sweet and loving cat! She is very attentive and understands what we say! If we ask her "You want to eat this or that, she will go toward the one she wants and point at it with her nosethen look at us. If she wants to go to the patio, she come to us, "Meow, and rub herself to us. She does like playing with the crickets outside. She also enjoys playing tag/Hide and go seek with my daughternd initiates when she wants to play! She's truly special!

3 yrs
catching crickets, Tuna for treat
Favorite Foods
tuna, gravy type foods like Purina Fancy Feast Broths
Favorite Pastimes
napping in patio,looking out the front window at things passing

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