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Meet Brownie

The Tabby
Julie Knepp Houtzdale, Pa

Brownie came to us when we fostered a Momma cat and her 4 kittens, we were supposed to re-home the kittens and momma cat once the kittens came of age, but 2 of the kittens ended up staying, Brownie and her brother Nestle.

This picture could not have came out more perfect.  I had just set the picture of her yawning as my desktop image when she layed down behind the computer screen making it look like she's coming out of the computer..lol.

1.5 years
Brow brow, or Princess
feather teasers, catnip, ambushing the other 3 cats.
squirt bottles and loud noises
Favorite Foods
Temptations treats, Friskies canned, flaked tuna
Favorite Pastimes
Yeowling until someone gives her the lovins' she feels she is entitled to

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