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Meet Fillup

The Long-haired Orange Tabby Cat
Abbey Fraser-Saddleback Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


I first got Fillup when he was only a little kitten. My sister had gotten him for my 8th birthday. She had gotten him from a shelter! I remember reading books about cat. I was very excited to get him. He was a hassle to take care of in his young years but later we've become more close and since then, he's been my friend and loves being pet and spoiled. Fillup likes rough-housing with the two other dogs in my home and enjoys taking naps throughout the day.
5 years old
Naps, Rough-housing, Watching birds that're outside, Being pet, Back scratches
Getting wet, Being told to get off the table, Being waken up from naps, Not being fed, No treats
Favorite Foods
Chicken wings, Friskys cat food
Favorite Pastimes
Having a nap in the sunlight, Looking outside from a window

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