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Meet Hobbes

The Domestic Short Hair
Steffeny Muller Palm Springs, FL

This is my 18 year old Baby girl. She was born in Ft. Collins, CO,  The first time I saw her and the rest of her litter was just days after she was born, and when she was 10 days old her eyes opened... and it was my birthday.  We have survived moves and unemployment and pain in our joints together. She is my best support, always willing to listen without comment. I love her and all her quirks.


18 years, 1 month, 4 days (as of Sept. 30, 2014)
Princess, Precious Birthday Present (yes, Lord of the Rings reference)
treats, string, string dragging objects, boxes, high places
Hairball remedy wet cat food, anything for a medical condition including special diet canned or dry food, being touched around the hip area due to arthritis and over stimulation
Favorite Foods
real chicken, real fishes, food with a strong smell, strong catnip, cheese
Favorite Pastimes
playing with string and anything that looks like it might be a string

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