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Meet Bubble

Linda Barnett Lexington, Ky

He is very lovable and has to be the center of attention.When he was about weeks old he developed an ulcer on one of his eye,he almost lost that eye.he went to the Vet and she knew what it was,luckily.he is a very healthy cat and very loved.He is a one of a kind little boy. He is an inside cat and enjoys it very much,he loves to play and run and chase the other cats at play time. God looked over him through his traumatic experience. 

2 years 3 months
bub bub, bubby, bub kitty
fancy feast wet and dry cat food. playing, playing with the other kitties. being the center of attention.
don't like to be bothered while he is sleeping. Don't like Vet visits. Don't like strangers.
Favorite Foods
samon, ocean whitefish, beef.
Favorite Pastimes
playing, sleeping and eating.

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