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Meet Juju

The Ragdoll mix
Stephanie Gainesville, Florida

Hi, my name is Juju.  My name is derived from a West African word that means "Magical Power."  My mom says I am her "lucky mojo cat." But the truth is, she is my juju! You see, I was once a very unlucky kitten. I had no place to call home. My mom found me outside all alone and barely alive in the freezing cold.  I was so afraid! But she scooped me up, fed me, and wrapped me in warm blankets. So she is the real juju!

free range chicken treats, belly rubs, tuna
!!!The vacuum cleaner!!!
Favorite Foods
Did I mention tuna? Also some whitefish varieties, and whatever my mom is eating
Favorite Pastimes
Napping in my cat teepee, a sunny spot on the rug...oh, and my feather toys.

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