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Meet Hedwig

The Calico-long hair
Jeni Plymouth, WI

Meet Hedwig, the super diva! She loves to show off her dresses, and make her presence known! She has an underdeveloped tear duct in her left eye, so she often looks as though she is crying. She was found (by my sister) trying to run thru a BUSY parking lot, next to a VERY BUSY road.

Fluffy, Fluffernutter, Miss Fluff, Poofy Pants, Boo Bear
lighters(does not play with "cat toys"), crinkled up lint roller paper
baths! getting ears cleaned, loud noises(vacuum, music, storms, etc)
Favorite Foods
tuna water(will not eat the actual tuna fish, just drinks the juice), roast beef, cheese, and ANY kind of gravy
Favorite Pastimes
riding on mumma's shoulders, sleeping on mumma, ZOOMING!!!

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