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Meet Mr. Winston

The Ragdoll
Danielle San Diego, California

Mr. Winston is a bon vivant who enjoys the finer things in life such as induldging regularly in organic loose leaf catnip while he catches some sun in his costal San Diego abode. Lounguing in his "jacuzzi" with a bowl of salmon juice is a favorite pastime of his as well.  He is an avid bird fan, with a lovebird named Churchill of his very own.  Life is not all fun and games Mr. Winston is also a philanthropist working as a therapy cat for his friend and companion.

His mini laptop, Mad Men, stuffed animals and sun bathing
Mean people, not being fed and waking up late
Favorite Foods
Vegetarian omelets, salmon juice, chicken and dog food
Favorite Pastimes
"Jacuzzi Time", playing fetch, watching his shows, naps and hanging out with Churchill (his bird)

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